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Product Development

bucket 2Rubber and Plastic Compound Development

The Alpine team will work with you to determine the chemical & physical properties of your material. We will then work with you to develop a plan that will allow you to optimize your material: increase performance, reduce cost, meet or exceed specifications, and give your company the solutions you need to win in the marketplace.


Design Assistance

Alpine can assist with the validation of FEA and seal designs through functional testing.

Example #1 - A seal gland on a large wellhead tree can be recreated with a small test fixture so that the seal system can be validated at a variety of temperatures and pressures. One can then confidently send that seal system to the customer for full scale qualification.

Example #2 – Packer elements can be set and pressure tested using a two foot long test fixture to identify the setting force, and the pressure holding performance envelope as a function of temperature. One can then confidently send that packer element stack to the customer for full scale qualification.

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Taking Polymer Testing to the Next Level!

Our technical team will provide to its customers differentiated performance testing, ISO/ASTM compliance certifications and polymer material development services.

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